10 most viewed series of the week (08/01/2021)

10 most viewed series of the week (08/01/2021)

With so many streaming services available and series released every week, it’s really hard to know what to watch, let alone get an idea of ​​what it takes to win over the masses and be successful. There is still no official service in Brazil that does this measurement to help us in our rankings, but there are a few ways to get around it and find out what Brazilians are looking for every time they play.

JustWatch is an example of this. The platform was created to help users know what to watch and what service that content is available on. And it is from these metrics that we arrive at the predicted list which is the most-watched series of the week in Brazil.

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So if you’re in doubt about what to marathon next, check out what’s been a hit last week so you can catch up on the shows your friends are following too.

10. The Walking Dead

11th and last season of the walking dead Premiered on August 22 and, less than a month after its finale, people have hit a marathon to remember the full saga of survivors in this post-apocalyptic world, making the series the most-watched series ever. back in the rankings. AMC promises to deliver a lot that fans have never seen and expected, so it makes perfect sense to give that last revisit in history to the hype and say goodbye to the characters.

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the walking dead available on Netflix.

9. Stranger Things

Despite the last season of strange things Premiered more than two years ago and with no information on when the next episode will arrive, fans’ interest remains in the story of children who encounter the supernatural in a small town in the middle. Perhaps as a way to make up for the lack of upcoming news or even new viewers for this Netflix classic, the truth is that this is a series that is always present in our weekly rankings.

strange things available on Netflix.

8. Ted Lasso

the premiere of the second season of ted lasso Excited Brazil and led the special series on Apple TV+ to a great spot in our weekly rankings. The story of a former football player who moves to England to coach a real football team was a huge success on stage and seems to have conquered a record audience in Brazil and the world. Another factor helping with production was Sony’s promotion, which gave PlayStation 5 owners six months of Apple streaming.

ted lasso available on Apple TV+.

7. X File

A classic is always a classic and x file It continues to win over Brazilian audiences years after its original screening – and remains a constant presence on our list of most-watched series. Compared to last week, the investigation of the pairing of Mulder and Scully fell slightly in the interest of Brazil, but it remains firm and strong among the most-watched productions. After all, who doesn’t want to know what’s really true?

x file can be seen on Now no more oldflix.

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6. Scary Hour

Who says only adults like horror stories? scary hour Coming in sixth this week is one of surprises, even if it’s not such a series. hypada And other names on this list. And the reason for this is simple: Produced by the same creator of the series goosebumps, she brings back horror stories to suit younger audiences, bringing back various monsters and creepy stories.

you can see scary hour No prime video.

5. Dragon Ball Z

anime dragon ball g It is so loved by Brazilians that, even after 30 years of its closure and repeated exhaustion in the country, it continues to be widely watched on the streaming platform. And this is precisely the reason why he appears in such a good position in this ranking: dragon ball g It’s great and we don’t want to stop watching it.

you can see dragon ball g No oldflix.

4. Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia

start of new animation masters of the universe, which follows the classic He-Man cartoon, arrived very well on Netflix, which guaranteed it fourth place in its first week. It is clear that nostalgia speaks loudly in these times and there is a great deal of curiosity about the promised conclusion of the story. However, there is no denying that the design is very well done and it does well when updating many concepts – although many people have criticized some of these changes.

Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia available on Netflix.

3. The Handmaid’s Tale

story of the maid Another guaranteed appearance in our weekly rankings, and more recently with the completion of its fourth season. The story of this dystopian future in which the United States becomes another country ruled by totalitarians and theologians touches on very current themes and, for that reason, is a must-have series for anyone looking for something with some more depth. Wants to do a marathon.

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story of the maid can be seen on globeplay, Now I Paramount+.

2. American Horror Stories

Another horror story making its appearance in our weekly rankings – although this time we’re already talking about a classic. american horror stories Was already on last week’s list and continues to pique Brazil’s interest. And it should stay that way for a while, as the genre continues to boom and the show has no less than ten seasons so far.

you can watch this series globeplay no more Now.

1. Smallville

And we ended our rankings with some unexpected gains. that’s because smallville Absolutely nothing turned out compared to last week and now appears with the first place in the most-watched series by Brazilians. Okay the superhero genre is still a huge success, but we’re talking about a show that ended ten years ago. But his recent arrival on HBO Max has certainly inspired fans to return to Superman’s adolescence — and his own.

smallville available on HBO Max.

Source: Now look

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