Celebrated 80s pop as 4th season of ‘Crown the Crown’

Celebrated 80s pop as 4th season of 'Crown the Crown'

spoiler ALERT: The following text reveals details about the fourth season Crown.

Much has been discussed whether the events shown in the fourth season Crown true or not. Britain’s culture secretary also asked Netflix to include a warning at the beginning of the series that it was a work of fiction – which was not addressed by the streaming giant. But there is one fact above the competition: music selection Crown 4 It is fantastic, with pop artists tailor-made to depict the 1980s, so the plot is portrayed very brilliantly. There are separate tracks as let’s Dance, By David Bowie, or Vienna, From Ultravox. The result is a sharp summary of the funniest produced in that decade:

Chapter 1
Blondie Call me
The song title and the band’s name (led by American Debbie Harry) served perfectly to pack the moment Prince Charles first called Diana in 1978. The sneaky connection marked the beginning of a rapport between the two.

episode 2
Standings standings, Movie on girls
If it wasn’t for the expansion inside Buckingham Palace, the scene where Princess Diana is rollerblading listening to her Walkman Movie on girls, By Duron Duron, could very well represent any girl in her 20s in the 1980s. In the segment in question, Diana had just walked into the palace and found herself alone and away from the pomp, she imagined life as being in royalty. All members of the royal family are in official engagements and the princess alone decides to skate on historic royal rugs to pass the time.

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episode 2
Elton John, Song to sing
In this episode, again we see Diana having fun listening to music and feeling more and more alone. In the scene, she is dancing in the voice of emotional in a room Song to sing, By Elton John. In real life, in fact, the artist became a very good friend of the princess and was played at her funeral.

episode 2
Stevie Nicks, edge of Seventeen
After announcing her engagement with Prince Charles, Diana is really happy when Diana is really happy when she goes out to party at a party with three friends. The soundtrack is a classic from the solo career of the former singer of Fleetwood Mac.

episode 2
Ultravox, Vienna
1980s electro pop hit ViennaBy Ultravox, the sound Diana uses as an alarm on her bedside clock. The music wakes her to the sad days she spends inside the palace.

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Episode 6
treatment, Boys don’t cry
The fifth episode depicts a completely incredible situation in which a man manages to invade the palace and come face to face with the queen in his room in 1982. All security systems have failed. Track Boys don’t cry Play when the man listens to the radio in a small public apartment for low-income citizens in North London

Episode 8
David Bowie, let’s Dance
One of the most interesting characters in the series, Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham-Carter) wins a dense episode about her melancholy maturity. Struggling while suffering from lung disease and love life and her downfall in the royal family, Margaret experiences her pain in a touching scene in which she dances with a friend to the sound of David Bowie’s hit.

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Episode 8
Linton quasi johnson, Fight dem back
Linton Kwesi Johnson, one of reggae cult artists, was born in Jamaica when the country was still a British colony and moved to England in the early 1960s. His music comes as some protesters protest in a free South Africa and finally in London. Racist apartheid regime.

Episode 9
Billy Joel, retro girl
As the British Culture Secretary says, this too sounds like fiction. But not. On Prince Charles’s 37th birthday, Diana shocked him at the Royal Opera House, taking the stage with dancer Wayne Sleep and Dancing Process retro girl, By Billy Joel. However, there is no official video record of the performance, just photographs.

Episode 9
Queen, crazy Little Thing Called Love
Near the end of the episode, we see Diana in the car with her children. She is happy and sings with them crazy Little Thing Called Love, From the queen. In the scene, for a moment we forget that she is Diana. There, we encounter only one mother who is enjoying a good day with her children.

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