12 UFC Vegas results: Michelle wins hard against Philly, Hardy TKO’s Green

12 UFC Vegas results: Michelle wins hard against Philly, Hardy TKO's Green

The UFC Vegas 12 The main card is almost gone, and the company’s # 15 ranking waiter, Bryce Mitchell, who was just spotted at the co-head event, decides unanimously to fight hard to see a very playful Andre Philly. It was Michelle’s grip that helped her resist the judges, but Bryce had to overcome a second-round attack from Phil. This leads to five straight wins for Michelle, who got her first win in her new Camo shorts.

Earlier, former NFL star Greg Hardy earned himself a second-round shot at Morris Green. It was Hardy’s left hand that scored the innings, and the ground and the pound that completed it. Green protested the immediate stop, saying he was still walking when the referee decided to stop the fight. Nevertheless, the polarized Hardy has now won consistently.

We ended the first round on the main card by stopping Charlie Antivirus for making a verbal submission to Kevin Holland after a violent slam. Holland traveled angrily from Clinch, telling Antivirus to shout at the referee. After his victory, Holland began talking to UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesnia, who was sitting on the side of the cage. This is four wins for Holland in 2020, and one post-war interview. In he asked for the name of an opponent. It should be noted that Antivirus left Oct Katagan on a stretcher, citing an issue with his neck. The broadcaster said he was able to feel all his fingers and toes.

Opening the main card, lightweights Thiago Moises and Bobby Green fought hard and competitively for 15 minutes. Moises made a strong start and dug deep for successful moments in the third, doing enough to reach a unanimous decision. This makes it two in a row for Moises, who has called for some rank-and-file opponents in his next session in his post-fight interview. Used.

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** See full results below

Main card:

Bryce Mitchell D.F. Andre Philly unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Featherweight

It took Michelle less than 30 seconds to shoot in a takedown. Philly fought back, but Michelle stepped up her efforts and reached the top. Michelle briefly controlled from the top, but Philly flared back to her feet. As soon as Philly woke up, Michelle took him down. Michelle made Philly the owner of the nonsense defensively, but as Bryce attacked with a triangle Philly was able to get up. Mitchell hit a blasting takedown to end the top round.

Philly was able to stay vertical after Mitchell’s first-round dismissal attempt. A well-flying knee from Phil supported Mitchell, and up to this point Andre was the best strike of the fight. Michelle failed another dismissal attempt, but eventually found a way to the top. Fili burst to her feet and opened her mouth before Michelle’s bell.

It took Michelle about 30 seconds to get Tekda own in the final round and she did so in the middle of Octagun. After spending some time on his back, Philly was able to turn it over and get it back on its feet. It didn’t matter, as Bryce quickly made another takedown. Philly found himself stuck on the floor again, unable to find a way to get to his feet before the round was over.

Greg Hardy D.F. Round 2 by Morris Green Vaccine: Heavyweight at 1:12

Green was injured when he kicked Hardy’s leg. Hardy then ran, knocking Green to the ground and delivering a series of ground strikes. Hardy was warned several times to put his fingers in his eyes. Hardy stood up and the standup fight resumed. It was Hardy who was scoring with a single strike because Green was unable to run things.

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Slow-moving kickboxing competitions continued in the second act. A big left hook by Hardy left Green, and the former NFL star stormed through a barrage of ground strikes. Green tried to improve his position, but the referee saw enough and stopped the match.

Kevin Holland Def. Charlie Ontivros: Middleweight by oral submission at 2:39 p.m.

Antivirus left Holland in the starting lineup with a quick counter punch to start the landing. Holland quickly got up and made himself a big takedown. Holland controlled from half guard and north-south, throwing elbows and hammers. Antivirus flared up to his feet, but he was pushed to the ground. Antivirus shouts verbally that he gives to the referee, which prevents boxing.

Thiago Moiz D.F. Bobby Green (29-28 x3): Light weight

Introducing head kicks in Greece, Maiz took the center of Octagon to keep things going. Moiz was throwing with bad intentions, but Botash ended up at the bottom after a takedown. He stood back up and Green attacked his opponent’s leading leg before reaching the top with his hands. In turn, Green felt he was blindfolded, but the referee told him to fight. Upon review, it was a punch and not an eyeball.

Green removed himself in the second act. But Moises was quick to back up. Moises fell back for a leg lock, but after Frank erupted from Green, the fight came to a halt. Green began to attack the body with a fist, causing Moises to land on the fence. Moises’ result was reduced to this round, but he picked it up shortly before the bell rang.

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The spectacular battle continued until the final round. The fighters cut off Hari’s forehead and went back and forth. Nor could any man really capture the feet. Green hit a shot down for a takedown, but Moises made a good save and took the top spot. Green finally got to his feet and the fighters pulled him out in the last moments of the fight. Given.

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