Narrator George becomes irritated by the worship of Jesus and doubts the repetition of 2019

Narrator George becomes irritated by the worship of Jesus and doubts the repetition of 2019

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return of george jesus flamengo This is still only speculation, but it already divides opinion. If, on the one hand, a good portion of red-black fans are in favor of the reappointment of Mr.

This Tuesday (14) in the program Esporte am Discasso, the sports announcer of Radio Jovem Pan gave an opinion on the subject.

“Attention Supporters” flamengo: George Jesus was not sent away from there flamengo, he left because he wanted to. Now are you going to beg for that boy? Wow, damn it!” she said

“The boy wanted to leave, the man is gone. Now the size of a club flamengo, because of a season?”, Caesar asked.

Jorge Jesus established himself as one of the head coaches in Mengao’s history for the work he did in 2019. In the respective season, the team Libertadores and Brasileiro from Rio were the champions of Serie A.

Nilsson Cesar doubts that the game result will be repeated. “Look: don’t expect that George Jesus will come back and have great weather that flamengo it was with him. shall not exceed. That thing there, for me, was unique. It was very difficult to achieve”, he observed.

“Was it something sensational? Of course, applause, it was sensational, but it was typical. It’s not normal. I don’t agree with that”, he concluded.

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To support the opinion, Nilsson Cesar quotes Pele. The sports narrator highlighted that santos It didn’t end after Soccer King left the Beaches team to play in the United States.

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