13 UFC Vegas results: Jan Cionan demonstrates volume to beat fast hand, Claudia Gadella

13 UFC Vegas results: Jan Cionan demonstrates volume to beat fast hand, Claudia Gadella

A new contender has emerged in the UFC Strovet Division as Jan Zionan clinched the biggest victory of his career with a unanimous victory over former title contender Claudia Gadelah.

The 31-year-old demonstrated quick hands, good footwork and a formidable attack that Gadella struggled to fight for most of the fight. When the final horn sounded, the judges agreed to give Yan the win and all the scorecards read 29-28 in his favor.

With a back-to-back victory over Gadelha and another previous title challenger in the Carolina Cavaliers, Yan is very close to a final title against fellow countryman Zart Zhang Valley.

“I’m very excited,” Yan said after the win. “[I’m ready for a title fight] At any rate, it’s up to Dana White. He can manage the fight [against Zhang Weili] At any time. ”

The fight eventually got in the way of the spacecraft, but in the early moments of the first round, Gadelha took his game plan to the field where he was seen demonstrating his skills. To his credit, Yan wasn’t just leaving because he started firing at his back with hammer fists and elbows, forcing Gadella to work on the mat for every second he earned.

When the battle reached the second round, Yan was able to stand on his own two feet, which caused trouble for Gadella. Yan was quick with his hands, then throwing several shots and putting the Brazilian at the end of his punch.

Yan continued to pull out a very impressive lead pocket that kept crushing Gadella’s nose and snatching her head back whenever he pressed forward. Gaddafi had to be more deliberate in her dismissal efforts, which again allowed the vehicle to compete and make sure it stood still.

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As time went on, the spacecraft was still throwing combinations behind the fists with heat and force. Apparently, the judges were paying attention and as a result, the decision for the Chinese Strawet won.

The win may not put Yan directly in the title shot that Zhang was expected to face former champion Rose Namajunus in early 2021, but his path is now too short after his win over Gadella at UFC Vegas 13. Is.

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