1701 removed from “party” as a matter of private – food security

1701 removed from "party" as a matter of private - food security

More than once, Hezbollah general secretary, Hassan Nasrallah, lamented the International Resolution 1701 issued by the Security Council after the July 2006 war, believing that by correcting it, he might be able to leave it, But international sponsorship This resolution is not the result of its time, and is issued to implement international resolutions, whatever they may be. About the circumstances surrounding it. This hypothesis reinforces the never-ending periodic reports that urge the need to move forward in implementing all the provisions of the decision. What is coming to light in the last report is the curbing of deep concern about the economic, living, social and financial crisis in Lebanon, which has been steadily deteriorating since the last meeting of the Security Council last November, In which security was also suspected. Sustainability of the country. Urge to prevent worsening crisis and ensure good governance.

The United Nations periodic report coincided with French President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement to change attitudes and attitudes about Lebanon in the coming weeks. So what exactly is happening on the international line, and is there a connection between the French escalation about 1701 and the contents of the circular message?

The adviser to the president of the Lebanese Forces Party for Foreign Relations, Ellie Khure, confirmed that one of the most salient aspects of International Resolution 1701, in the tenth paragraph, is the delimitation and protection of Lebanon’s international borders, not its southern borders. Assigning this task to the Lebanese state and military, which must fully extend its authority. Lebanon’s borders, and stating that Lebanon can seek UNIFIL’s help to control its borders, all the way to the eastern borders, confirm. This case does not require a second international resolution, as 1701 gives the Lebanese state the exclusive right to extend its authority over all its borders with its military and security forces.

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In an interview with the Lebanese Army website, Khure begins with this point, which is to comment about the importance described in the UN report regarding the economic crisis. They believe that the process of controlling the Lebanese borders has been delegated to the legitimate authority and the Lebanese military. As a result, the international community watches with great concern over the economic-livelihood file and the state of the military forces, following the commander of the army, Joseph. Aeon, publicly declared that “al-Makri is suffering and starving”, pointing out that it is clear that the United Nations report (1701), which closely monitors the Lebanese situation, and the Lebanese The authorities (presidents of republics and presidents) have been warned and governors of the Central Bank of Lebanon for more than 5 years, based on reports from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, concerning the deterioration of the living situation, especially when it completely Has felt economic wear and tear. And state institutions expressed their inability to perform their tasks, stating, “If the future of a country belonging to one of these decisions is in danger of extinction, what is the benefit of international decisions? Their warning from this point of view and Appeal comes. “

But how can border control and reform be achieved under these circumstances, and who depends on the implementation of international decisions? Khoury gives an example of the situation of President Michel Aoun, who said a few months ago that he would convene a session to discuss defense strategy, in addition to starting the process of reforming the state. He clarifies that any reform process of the economic situation must go through a defense strategy that returns political and military decisions to the central Lebanese state, by closing illegal crossings and reforming the state and its staggering institutions. The latter, insists that Hezbollah, which represents a part of the Lebanese people, is playing its political role, so it will be a political player in the authority and the state so that any government can implement reforms and development plans. , Because any reform can only begin with control of borders, customs and curbing smuggling.

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“The international community cannot intervene directly to enforce its international judgment,” Khure says, invoking arguments for the presence of accurate missiles, gunmen and arms factories, a violation. Will be the cause of Resolution 1701, referring to international fears of an internal confrontation in an economic sense, such as what happened in the supermarket and limited collisions in the street, viz. The Lebanese state is unable to perform its functions.

Khurai believes that the purpose of 1701 is to implement it, noting that it came after the July war, and Hezbollah accepted provisions that offered many concessions, the most prominent of which was Blue. An area can be set up between. Free from any armed men, property or weapons other than those stationed in the Line and Litani River area. In addition to the Lebanese government and the International Emergency Force, the full implementation of provisions 1559 and 1680 of the Taff Agreement and proposals. Which calls for the disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon, so that the Lebanese state alone holds arms and exercises its authority in Lebanon.

Is there a difference between the Security Council report and Macron’s position? Khaoure indicated that French pressure would increase, as it coincided with the Russian move, the visit of the Hezbollah delegation to Moscow and the government’s latest development, given that the French president would be busy with the election of France to the next stage, and his With the interests of the country. He said, “I am not sure of the French enthusiasm for the establishment of a Lebanese government under these circumstances, because they have their own opinions, and they know that the Lebanese file is linked to the Iranian-American file, and therefore to the US There is still a need for several months to remodel its priorities, plans and foreign policies, given that its priority today is in the Far East and its political confrontation with China, this is where it all began. is.

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