2 of us have been rejected so Devas can focus on 1 of us

Features planned for the sequel will be included in 1 of us.

None of us have moved to the top of the charts and the last few weeks have been dominated by players’ playing time. After an initial rise in popularity, the developers quickly announced that 2 of us would enter development. Now, a small team of three developers has turned to it, choosing to focus their efforts on one of us instead.

In a post on Inersloth itch.io page On September 23, 2020, the developers revealed that they would not actually start work on the 2 of us as planned. Instead, the team’s energy will go towards bringing those planned features to the sequel to the actual game.

2 of us were rejected

One of the main reasons the team insisted on a sequel was that the codebase for 1 of us is old and difficult to work with. A sequel would have allowed the team to build something from the ground up, making it significantly easier for them to add new content. Here is what Devas said:

Our Devas have had many lengthy discussions about what we want to do with the game. When we stop working on 1 of us? Which of us goes content? The main reason we are shooting a sequel is that the codebase of 1 of us is too old and not supported to include so much new content. However, seeing how many people among us are enjoying 1 really wants us to be able to support the game and take it to the next level. We have decided to cancel the 2 of us and instead focus all our attention on improving ourselves. All the content that we created for 2 between us will go between us instead. This is probably the more difficult option because it means going to the depth of the game’s core code and redesigning many of its components. We have a lot of plans and we’re excited to bring new content for everyone to enjoy playing!

It certainly has to look at many aspects in the community. Players usually do not respond to requests to purchase a new game immediately after purchase. For developers, developing two games at the same time must be quite a headache.

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Color mode was planned between us

The good news is that the features and improvements that were planned for the sequel will come to us. Currently, one of the three developers is working on a focus server server. Players often find themselves on server issues as the backend of hundreds of thousands of new players is struggling.

InnerSloth has also confirmed that colorblind support is coming, a friend and account system, as well as a new map, although this final one is still in the design phase. A look at 2 of our announcements Post Gives a good indication of other features. Players can expect better restraint, more roles, hide and find gameplay, and more.

Although 2 of us have been rejected, a team of three developers at InnerSloth has turned its attention to improving 1 of us. It may seem like a more challenging option, but it’s definitely worth the payoff.

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