20 stupid passwords on the internet

20 stupid passwords on the internet

The ranking is published by NordPass, which is used to manage user passwords on computers. The program works on almost all platforms, both computers and mobile phones. The data are therefore quite informative.

At the outset, it is necessary to mention that statistics are, of course, compiled anonymously, so one cannot easily misuse published data. On the other hand, Nordpass uncovered the most dangerous passwords to warn its users that they should not use them.

In addition to the absolute winner – the 123456 series – the number combination was placed several times in the top ten. For example, the numbers were 123456789, 12345678, 12345 or 111111. Such simple passwords are certainly not secure.

Equally inappropriate are the English words qwerty (type of keyboard layout; first six letters on the keyboard on the left) or password. People should also not use iloveya, so I love you in translation.

First line of effective protection

Underestimating passwords on the Internet may not result in payment. As a rule, they are the first line of effective protection against theft of sensitive personal data, for example online banking or payment over the Internet. Furthermore, with the proliferation of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, people are transacting more and more frequently online.

What should the correct password look like?

The length of the password also determines the security of the password. Hacker underworld special programs can break a four-digit password composed of digits from zero to nine in two minutes.

The performance of dual-core and quad-core processors allows you to test 100 possible combinations on a standard computer set in a second.

A secure password must be at least six characters long and should contain numbers and ideally uppercase and lowercase letters. Conversely, a password should never be created with a username, a simple word (such as a “password”), or a simple sequence of numbers.

So it is definitely not wise to use the 20 most common passwords below:

Most used password in 2020
1. 123456 is
2. 123456789 is
3. Figure 1
४. Password
5. 12345678 is
६. 111111
123123 is
12345 is
९. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 90
10. Password
1 1. 1234567 is
12. Qwerty
13. abc123
14. Million 2
15. 000000
14. 1234
1. I love you
1. aaron431
19. Password 1
20. qqww1122

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