2020 Masters: Tiger Woods has 3 shots from Paul Casey’s lead

2020 Masters: Tiger Woods has 3 shots from Paul Casey's lead

G Gusta, Ga. – Easily as he played his 87th round at the Masters, Tiger Woods on Thursday shut down the Augusta National Golf Club, which found his favorite shopkeeper, footstool and someone swimming in his living room in search of a coaster. For the perfume of the person. Cold drink in his hands. Marg was so aware of the shooting that he could talk to her in the dark.

Since Woods has won the tournament five times and has been a master fixer for the past 25 years, he may have played golf on those conditions. And maybe still broken.

Woods, the royal champion, was not the leader after Thursday’s first-round game, which was delayed by nearly three hours due to a hurricane that left dozens of golfers unable to finish their sessions. With four under-par-68s, Woods was tied for three strokes behind fourth and silent leader, Paul Casey.

But Woods’ command was the loudest statement of the day. It’s been an up and down year for Woods, but on this day he was created and never really satanic August Gusta out of the national blueprint. It was almost as if he was on cruise control, as if he could reach the edge of 68.

“I did well today,” Woods, who is not a self-congratulator, said after his tour.

Every other experienced contender in the field knows the Masters history when Woods has a great opening round. It is not true that he has won every time he has scored 70 or better goals in the first round. This has happened four times, however. He argued seriously on three other occasions when he was tied twice or more since the first day, once twice and in sixth place.

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When Woods was asked if he was surprised by how well he played his best performances during most of the season, he fell silent.

“Understanding how to play this golf course is the best way to play here,” he said. He said. “It’s very familiar.”

He knows the field; He could even find the television remote in the darkness of his living room.

Woods’ consistent play was the complete opposite of everything during the first Masters round fought in November. Nothing seemed normal, usually with deceptive greens getting wet and dull, the floral colors of spring disappearing and galleries disappearing due to the Corinavirus epidemic.

“There were a lot of differences today,” Woods said. “A drone was flying over Hare. You don’t hear drones here. There was no guardian, no thunder. Many beginnings today. That’s the way it has been all year. “

Recognized in many players, though changed, was the same feeling of being in place. Xander Schaefelli made a brilliant 67 to end the second match tie with Webb Simpson, but he was not sure what his turn would be.

“A lot of it honestly felt wrong,” Sheffley said. “Greens are really soft, so there’s no need to be too scared. It was really weird. You’ll play less breaks on the thighs and hit it harder, which is something you never do here. “

Casey, who has completed the top 10 in the presence of the last 13 masters, made an eagle in the second hole with which he hoped for a green end.

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“I hit the 6-iron on the left-hand pin at No. 2, and you can’t hit that shot in April,” Casey said. “Today, the bus pulled up and stopped immediately. In April, it will be unilateral in patronage. I’ll probably make five, not three. ”

But when it comes to entertaining, unexpected moments in this first round of the Masters, it will be difficult to beat the eyes of the top seven golfers, caddies and officials in Azalia in search of Bryson de Chambeu’s stubborn ball.

After starting his run on the 10th hole, De Chambeu knocked his T-shot into the trees at No. 13 and attempted a critical recovery. Instead, he hooked his ball badly and buried it in the bushes behind the green. Then, if he didn’t get the ball, De Chambeo fired a temporary shot that came from Green to Roy Creek.

“I was really worried about finding that ball,” said De Chambeau, who entered the tournament as a favorite of the tournament. “If I hadn’t found it, I’d have made a bad number.”

After finding the ball, he called it a rehearsal and had to drop it on an ep lawn. He then ignited a daisy chip and finished making a double-bogie. De Chambeau held an impressive rally to complete his run at the two-under par and chase the title. But his booming drives, which were expected to beat August Gusta National, only caused a few holes. Also, he didn’t use the 48-inch driver – the longest allowed – that he was using.

“My driving wasn’t good,” de Chambeau said. “You know, if you make mistakes, this place can get back. But I am very happy with the patience I saw today. ”

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