With 3 classified in the Round of 16, Brazil strengthened in the final in Australia – 05/22/2022

With 3 classified in the Round of 16, Brazil strengthened in the final in Australia – 05/22/2022

The Australian leg of the world tour has come to an end.

After two stages of the Championship Tour, at Bells Beach and Margaret River, the Challenger Series double competitions in the country reach the final leg.

And if in the Gold Coast, the Green and Yellow team didn’t do well in the Access Division’s opening of the world circuit, part of the gang is paying back in Sydney.

This Sunday, the classified 16 for Round 16 of the ‘GWM Surf Pro’ was defined in Manly Beach, with 3 Brazilians.

More detail: all along the route into the elite, and with a look at the return to the main division of World Surf League.

Michael Rodrigues was one of the highlights of Sunday in Sydney

Image: WSL

As in the previous stages, Michael Rodrigues was one of those who raised the level of competition.

With the performance near perfection, he scored two points above 8 points and scored a total of 16.73, one of the highest scores ever in the championship.

MRdod will face Indonesian Rio Wada in the next leg.

David Silva is in the recovery phase. After mid-results, which led to his expulsion from CT, and an early farewell to CS debut, the DVD boomed in Sydney.

In the third leg, he abused the edge maneuvers, giving Indonesian Ketut Agus and Frenchman Thomas Debierre no chance.

In the Round of 16, Praia Branca’s So Paulo player will face another Frenchman, Jorgen Cuisinet.

dvid - wsl - wsl

David Silva is round 16 at Manly Beach

Image: WSL

Rounding out the team is Alex Ribeiro, the only one out of three to finish second in his heat.

He scored 12.87 and was only behind Hawai’i Imaiklani DeWalt.

To advance to the quarterfinals, Alex will have to overcome another athlete who was part of the elite in the first half of the 2022 calendar: Australia’s Ryan Collinan, who scored the highest round of 24 (16.77).

Alejo Muniz, Mateus Herdy, Lucas Silveira and Edgard Grogia are out today.

Most of the 16 finalists are Australians, with 4 delegates. Brazil has 3. Hawaii, Indonesia and the United States has two. One French, one Tahitian and one Italian complete the list.

Sofia - Fertility/Instagram - Fertility/Instagram

Sofia Medina

Image: reproduction / Instagram

In the women’s section, the Brazilians were way early.

Sofia Medina, Gabriel’s sister, and Anne dos Santos finished in the round of 32. Both left Manly Beach in 17th place and 1900 points in the rankings.

But Brazil is very well represented in the longboard category.

Chloe - WSL - WSL

Chloé Calmon advances another stage in semi-finals in Australia

Image: WSL

Chloe Clamone is in the semifinals, two wins away from the title at the inaugural WSL Board Tour.

After returning to the championship, she will face Australia’s Tully White.

If it passes, it decides against the winner of the match between Hawaii Honolua Bloomfeed – three time champion The world – and the American Soleil Erico.

The window for the Super Surf festival in Sydney lasts until Tuesday.

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