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the number of people Vaccination Against at least one dose COVID-19 In Brazil, this Friday, 24th, it reached 6,728,60, which is equal to 21.14% of the total population. According to data collected by the Association of Press Vehicles in secretaries of 26 states and federal districts, 891,763 people have received their first dose of vaccine in the last 24 hours.

Of the more than 6 million vaccines, 21.7 million received the second dose, representing 10.37% of the population with complete immunization against the new coronavirus. In the last 24 hours 319,669 people have received this booster dose. Adding the first and second dose vaccines, Brazil delivered 1.21 million doses this Friday.

In proportionate terms, Mato grosso do sule this is Rio Grande do Sul These are the states that have had the most vaccinations of the population so far: 27.83% and 27.04% of residents received at least the first dose, respectively. Lowest percentage is found RWave, Where 12.81% received the vaccine. In absolute numbers, the largest number of vaccinators with the first dose is in Sao Paulo (11.2 million), followed by Minas Gerais (4.77 million) and Rio de Janeiro (3.37 million).

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