400-year-old ‘armored’ fish could change shark history as we know it

400-year-old 'armored' fish could change shark history as we know it

The 410 million year old organic of an armored fish has completely changed its history Sharks, According to a newly published study.

Fish, known as Meningiogenesis, Had a skeleton made of bones, just like the skeleton that sharks are now made of on a large scale, save for your teeth. Experts discovered organic skulls in the Mongolian mountains.

“It was a very unexpected discovery,” said Martin Brazzo, the study’s lead author. Statement. “Traditional wisdom says that the inner skeleton of a bone was a unique innovation of the genealogy that was separated from the shark’s ancestor 400 million years ago today, but there is clear evidence of a cousin of both sharks and Boe’s inner skeleton.” Are. ”

A virtual three-dimensional model of the cerebral hemispheres developed by CT scans. The inset shows raw scan data showing the spongy endochondral bone inside. (Credit: Imperial College London)

Studies show that whites are older than they really are

It is possible M. transgenesis Larger than the great whites, some members of the placoderm species could reach 30 feet or more in length. Brazio also noted that he was probably a hunter.

However M. transgenesis It is believed to have been about 1 foot longer than modern whale sharks or great whites, it has had a great impact, suggesting that once there was a shark bone and then it was lost.

In addition to being a skeleton made of bones, it had bone plates on its head and shoulders that acted as scales, Brazio describes it as a “giant armor” as it floats in the old seas.

Research has further convinced Thierry that the endochondral bone – which forms the human skeleton after birth – has played a major role in the evolution of sharks and contributed to their existence and survival for over 400 million years.

“If sharks had skeletons and lost them, it could be an evolutionary adaptation,” Brazzo added. Water and swimming at different depths.

“It could be something that helped the shark become one of the first global fish species to spread to the oceans around the world 400 million years ago.

The study was published in the scientific journal Nature environment and development.

Magdalen Discovery: Scientists praise giant shark truth

Scientists continue to learn more about the history of sharks, which have survived five global extinctions.

In February, researchers Discovered One form of the great white dweller in the Mediterranean is about 3.2 million years long, much longer than previously thought by experts.

Magdalen (Credit: iStock) from the Signan 3D example of prehistoric times

Magdalen (Credit: iStock) from the Signan 3D example of prehistoric times
(This content is copyrighted.)

The largest shark to live at about 60 feet in length has become the Magdalen Disappear Thanks for being pulled out and out by its younger, more cousin, Great White.

Other theories suggest that Magdalen was Killed off About 2.6 million years ago by an exploding star

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