Windows 10: New patch prepares system for major updates

Imagem de: Windows 10: novo patch prepara sistema para grande atualização

Microsoft is releasing a new patch for Windows 10 that prepares the system for a major update. Soon, the company will release a Spring update, which will move the system to a new version.

Called KB4023057, the change pack is already widely distributed by Microsoft. Users will not see any major changes after the update, as the main purpose of the update is to pave the way for a new version of the system.

The patch ensures greater stability for Windows updates.The patch ensures greater stability for Windows updates.Source: Matthew mognon

According to Windows latestThe update frees storage space to facilitate the implementation of the new OS version in the possession of the system. In addition, the update fixes problems with Windows Update to ensure that users do not have any issues while downloading the next version of Windows 10.

In addition to the preparation patch, Microsoft is also sending notifications to users to update the operating system for new versions. The November 2019 version of Windows 10 will be discontinued by Microsoft in May and is being replaced by new builders such as 20H2.

Big news coming in 2021

For those eager for major changes to Windows 10, the tip is to update the operating system with the latest versions. Currently, the company is testing several changes to the system and the news should arrive soon.

In addition to preparing a major seasonal update to come, the company is working Windows 10 sun valley. What will be updated will change Dramatic design The OS is scheduled for the second half of the year, but we will probably have more news about resources next month.

The Microsoft build event will take place digitally from May 25 and will certainly feature news for Windows 10.

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