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Google Maps funciones prácticas

Google Map One of the most popular and used navigation apps in the world. Apart from helping us reach various destinations quickly and safely, it also provides other services like gas station location, browsing history. tasks.

In addition to the above, it serves as another social network for practically all browsers: through the function of sharing opinions, users recommend sites of interest and rate the establishments in which they participate. take; Similarly, they can also include a picture of the place.

If you use this maps and navigation application regularly, here are five actions that will get the most out of your Google Map; take note.

Convenient Google Maps Functions

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5 Essential Functions for Using Google Maps

Use these features to boost app performance:

  1. incognito mode: This feature helps third parties track your location, routes and schedules; You can activate it by clicking on your profile picture and then turning on the tool
  2. timely arrival: You can create a departure notice to arrive on time and form at your destinations; Select the three points and select the option ‘Set Departure and Arrival Time’
  3. leave no Trace: Select your profile picture to activate the function; Then click on ‘Your Timeline’ to clear your browsing history
  4. download maps: If you do not have an Internet connection, you can choose to download city maps to your cell phone; In your profile picture, click on the ‘Offline Map’ option and select the region to download
  5. change navigation icon: Hold it down for a few seconds; Later, other racing vehicles would appear. That way, you don’t have to see the classic blue arrow anymore.

With these simple options, you will maximize the use of the application for your own benefit.

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