5 deals to avail on Amazon Prime Day US

Passageiro de Primeira

heroine started today amazon prime dayA special day of offers on various products! We show it here on the website How to take advantage of the best deals on Amazon Brazil, Now, we’ve selected 5 offers for you who want to take advantage of US promotions!

How to Subscribe to Amazon Prime

as we speak in this postAmazon Prime Day is a special event for Amazon Prime customers. In the US, the cost of subscribing to the service on the monthly plan is $14.99 per month and You can sign up by clicking here and enjoy 30 days for free!

5 Proposal Suggestions

Amazon Locker

If you want to take advantage of any of these offers but are unable to get them right now, Amazon has an automated locker service, located in hundreds of locations in the US, where they store sold goods, which is called. Amazon Locker, With it, you can make your purchases at the time that is most convenient for you – using only the electronic panel and access code.

Learn more about how Amazon Locker in this article,


For those planning a trip to the United States or are still in the country, this can be a great opportunity to purchase a number of discounted products.

If you’re looking to take advantage of an offer, always remember to compare prices and terms in Brazil, such as . chances of To win cash back or collect points on your purchases,

Are you planning to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day? To become an Amazon Prime subscriber in the US click here

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Amazon links are operational in First Class Passenger.

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