51% of Brazilian consumers intend to engage in physical and online shopping after epidemic – Época Negócios

51% of Brazilian consumers intend to engage in physical and online shopping after epidemic - Época Negócios

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With the epidemic, more people started shopping online. There is no chance that in sales Ecommerce According to a survey by the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABCOM), in 2020 there was an increase of 68%. Between consumers, the plan is to end the epidemic, to combine consumption. physical store And virtual.

The conclusion is from the Visa Back to Business 2021 study with 1,500 people in countries such as the United States, Germany and Brazil. The female version of the survey brings an outlook on buyers’ behavior.

In interviews with Brazilian women, 60% said they had shopped online before November 2020, when the survey was conducted. More than half (51%) of the person can buy when the situation returns to normal, resuming habits before the epidemic.

During the survey period, 84% stated that they only frequent physical stores when they really need them. Most of them reported being concerned about the security measures adopted by the establishments, such as the use of masks and disinfection of carts and cashiers.

When they move out of the home, they are expected to have different options for digital payments, such as mobile payment applications (71%), proximity payments (44%), digital wallets (35%) and Even with cryptocurrency the probability of paying is (8)%). 58% of the shares said that they would not buy from a store that does not offer payment by Approach.

On the other hand, studies show that physical money is still used frequently. Only 9% of the respondents did not use cash in the previous year. One reason is that small establishments and public transport do not provide adequate means of digital payment.

According to Fernando Pantaleão, vice president of sales and solutions at Visa do Brasil, understanding the journey and the new desires of customers requires establishments to define the best multichannel strategy to serve them wherever and whenever they want. . “In 2021, the trend is that this integration of physical and online commerce is increasingly dynamic and interactive for these consumers, providing a better shopping experience”, the executive says.

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