6-year-old boy dies after contracting brain-eating amoeba at Texas water park World

6-year-old boy dies after contracting brain-eating amoeba at Texas water park  World

6 year old girl who was undergoing treatment primary amoebic meningoencephalitisMILF died in a hospital America, this Monday (27) informed US officials.

The disease is rare, but it became known because it is caused by an amoeba, a single-celled organism capable of “eating” human brain tissue.

microorganism Naegleria fowleri Entered the boy’s body after playing in a public water park in the US state of Texas.

The parasitic amoeba is popularly said to be “brain-eating”, but it feeds mainly on bacteria in the water.

What happens when it enters the human body, because the amoeba does not get the nutrients it needs to survive, it attacks brain cells in search of these substances.

Health officials pointed to flaws in the system that verifies water quality in several parks in the state when an investigation began on September 5, when the boy was hospitalized. He died six days later.

The presence of amoeba is common in fresh and warm waters, but infections are rare. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 34 cases have been reported in the US over the past decade.

People become infected when water containing amoeba enters the body through the nose, usually when they go swimming or diving in lakes and rivers.

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