6-year-old found mastodon tooth in US park; Watch Video | World

6-year-old found mastodon tooth in US park;  Watch Video |  World

One 6 year old boy discovered mastodon tooth – in a park of – a prehistoric mammal of the giant family America (watch video above).

Julian Gagnon, a resident of the US state of Michigan, found the fossilized tooth of this animal. Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve, Country’s nature reserve known for hosting similar discoveries.

The young explorer was walking in the park with his family when he found out what Initially considered a large stone.

Recreation of Mastodon, a species belonging to the mammoth family – Photo: dentmann9758/creative commons

On closer inspection, they realized that this stone was not very common and the researchers The University of Michigan confirmed that the item found was quite rare.

Gagnon even said in an interview with NBC that this discovery inspired him to decide which profession he wanted to pursue in the future.

“I really wanted to be an archaeologist, but I think it was a sign that I was going to be a paleontologist,” Small told American television.

A 6-year-old boy found a mastodon tooth in Michigan — Photo: Reproduction/NBC

a The piece will be donated to the museum of paleontology at the University of Michigan.

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