7 dead outside Kabul airport, says UK Defense Ministry World

7 dead outside Kabul airport, says UK Defense Ministry  World

According to the UK Defense Ministry, 7 people died in the crowd outside Kabul airport Afghanistan. According to information from Reuters, the Taliban managed to establish order and tried to organize queues for access. On Saturday, the United States warned of risks in the region.

“Our condolences go out to the families of the 7 Afghans killed in a mob lynching in Kabul,” a statement from the British Defense Ministry said.

On Sunday, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace wrote a column in the Daily Mail and said that if the deadline set by the US to leave Afghanistan is not extended, there will be no time to evacuate all those who want to leave the country.

“Maybe Americans can stay longer, and if they stay they will have our full support… I’ve always been saying that no country is going to kick everyone out,” Wallace said.

US evaluates use of commercial aircraft in Afghan rescue operation

He added that Afghans who want to flee the Taliban will have to go to the borders themselves if the Americans do not extend their stay. “We are going to set up a number of border centers for the Afghans we have an obligation to bring to Britain,” he said.

UN refugee agency calls Countries bordering Afghanistan keep borders open for the entry of immigrants.

US will use bases in Spain to receive Afghans

US Embassy in Afghanistan urges Americans to stay away from airport

US Embassy in Afghanistan urges Americans to stay away from airport

President Joe Biden has struck an agreement with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to use two military bases in southern Spain to receive Afghans working for the US government.

Sanchez wrote on his Twitter account, “I had an important conversation with President Joe Biden, in which we talked about the common interests, especially the situation in Afghanistan and cooperation between our governments to evacuate civilians from that country. ”

The United States this Saturday (21) advised that North Americans in Afghanistan avoid visiting the airport in KabulAfter the Taliban came to power, thousands of people tried to flee the country.

The warning came after Mullah Baradar, one of the co-founders of the Taliban, arrived in Kabul for a meeting with other leaders to form a new Afghan government.

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