7 forest injured and 15 missing Argentina in Patagonia | world

7 forest injured and 15 missing Argentina in Patagonia |  world

at least Seven people injured and 15 missing After wildfires were reported this week in Patagonia, Argentina, regional authorities reported in a provisional balance sheet issued this Wednesday (10).

at least 200 people had to leave their homes in the city of Puello. The region – which includes the cities of El Bolson, El Matén, Appuen, Futleufu and El Hoyo – is a traditional tourist destination due to its forests and foot of lakes.

Argentina’s Environment Minister Juan Cabandi said in a press conference that the Deliberately set on fire And that his office would open an investigation to find the people responsible for his authorship.

In addition to the displaced people in Lago Puello, The city hall lists at least seven injured people – one critically – and 15 missing.. About 100 houses of the municipality were burnt by the flames.

Argentina added due to smoke released from fires affecting forests in Patagonia

Alejandro Otero, spokesman for the Municipality of El Hoyo, said in an interview with France Press Due to heavy rain, fire was controlled in the area around the city. Fall on this area. However, he said, officials are still on alert for a new outbreak of fire.

President Alberto Fernandez’s government authorized to send Hercules aircraft 40 brigade members who will join 60 others who are already on the field The fire was controlled with the help of helicopters and trucks.

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