A look at the light obtained by NASA on the Jupiter Zeno mission

A look at the light obtained by NASA on the Jupiter Zeno mission

For the first time, lightning-blue sprites and cones have been found orbiting Jupiter’s upper atmosphere through NASA’s Juno mission.

While this may sound like something out of a fictional novel, sprites and convulsions are actually two types of fast, bright light, or temporary bright events.

Although lightning strikes occur on Earth, this is the first time this luminous event has been observed on another planet.

In European mythology, sprats are clever, fairy-like creatures. In science, these are bright centers of light that are electrically charged and rise far above the wind.

These phenomena occur on Earth, usually 100 km above the thunderstorms. Although the light of bright sprites can spread in the sky for 25 to 50 kilometers, this flare-up lasts only in milliseconds.

The phenomenon of electricity is known as an example which is shown in Jupiter in this example. Jupiter’s hydrogen-rich atmosphere will make them look blue. In the Earth’s upper atmosphere, the presence of nitrogen gives them a red color. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Late
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