A meteor fall in broad daylight causes a blast in Bahia; Eye

A meteor fall in broad daylight causes a blast in Bahia;  Eye

The passage of a meteor in broad daylight frightens the inhabitants of the interior of Bahia on Saturday (2). Were reported in Social network In the cities of the center-south region of Bahia, such as Brumado, Cristalandia, Dom Basielio, Carinha, Rio de Contes, and Livamento de Nosa Senhora.

“We had a lot of news of the explosion coming from that area. So we looked at satellite images and Clima live cameras,” says Marcello. ZuritaTechnical Director of Bramon (Brazil Meteor Overview Network or Brazilian meteor observation network).

On Twitter, netizens cited a loud bang around 4pm.

As it happened during the day, the meteor glow was overshadowed by the brightness of the sky.

So far, a single video has been found that looked at a camera in the city of Nova Radenko, about 150 km from the place of entry into the atmosphere, at 15:59. See below:

Luminous phenomena from space were also confirmed with images from the GOES-16 weather satellite, which has a device for mapping lightning and other lightning discharges.

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“In the area where the flash was detected, there was no storm cloud capable of generating lightning, we can conclude that it was caused by the passage of the meteor, which made the sound heard by many residents of the area Generated the boom “, says Zeta.

Meteor falls to Earth in Bahia region on Saturday 2 January

Image: NOAA / NASA

Bramon believes it to be a relatively large piece of space rock that bursts when it reaches the lower, thickest layers of the atmosphere. This type of meteorite is called bolide.

This phenomenon emits so much intense energy, displacing the air so intensely, that it produces an intense sound, called a sonic boom.

“This sound emanates from the moment the rock bursts, at an incredible speed that exceeds 50 thousand km / h. This is normal. And as the shock wave spreads through the air, it is in the earth. Can even shake things up on the surface. “, Says Alexsandro Mota, astrophotographer and creator of the YouTube channel Mystery of space.

Crashes and tremors felt by the inhabitants have nothing to do with the impact on Earth. If the particles hit the ground, they are very small, called meteorites.

“This bolt must have produced meteorites on the ground. After all, if it was enough to see flashes during the day, it was certainly not small. It was not to mention that there was a sound of intense explosions, which showed That the rock disintegrated and managed to reach the upper layers. The atmosphere, “believes Mota.

He said, “If there are meteorites on the ground, the area can be filled with them, spread over a very large area of ​​a few kilometers. But we will only know when we have a thorough analysis of the incident and the energy released.”

Since there are no records for more than one camera, it is difficult to determine the trajectory of the object accurately. “We already have, we can conclude that its speed was at least 65 thousand km / h. Apparently, it was caused by a medieval space rock, between 30 and 80 cm up to a ton. With mass. But this is an estimate. We still do not have enough data for more accurate calculations “, says Zurita.

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