See how to use the general likes feature

See how to use the general likes feature

The novelty includes putting together a playlist in pairs and examining similar musical tastes.

hey spotify match is among us! Starting this Thursday (2), users can share a link with another person for the app to show musical similarity data between pairs. Later, Spotify a ride playlist With notice of coincidences and differences. Grab the news and see how to do it!

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Learn more about Spotify Match

The functionality was already available to beta users for a few weeks and was officially made available to the general public this Thursday morning (2).

When sharing a link with someone who uses Spotify, both have a . will have access to Story with the percentage of similarity between the two, and also playlist Full of songs heard by the couple.

The tool is perfect for discovering common interests for a user and what their partner hears differently.

any user, premium Or for free, you can join Spotify Match and compare songs. However, customers have access to some additional data, such as seeing which tracks are heard by both or only one user.


See below how to create your own Spotify Match by cell phone:

1) Open your Spotify and go to “Search”. find tab “done for you”.

“Search”. Photo: Reproduction/Spotify

2) find the area “Playlist for 2” and click “Make a match”.

“Done for you”. Photo: Reproduction/Spotify

3) Share the link with the person you want. Remembering that the recipient must be a Spotify user (free or paid).

It is not possible to use the same link with more than one person. To check your musical match with different people it is necessary to create different links.

invitation to matching. Photo: Reproduction/Spotify

4) When the person accepts, you will be notified.

Photo: Reproduction/Spotify

5) go to see playlist.

users premium They can choose the track they want to listen to and know which songs are listened to by a duet or just one member.

Spotify Users Already free Can’t see this feature and can only listen to the preview of the song playlist Or track in random mode.

give a playlist matching. view for users premium. Photo: Reproduction/Spotify

6) Tap on the green circle above the usernames playlist, To see Story with data.

Photo: Reproduction/Spotify

What is happening? Are you going to test the new functionality? tell us there Twitter!

Photo: Disclosure

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