A musician playing the horn with his feet in a prestigious orchestra. look how good

A musician playing the horn with his feet in a prestigious orchestra.  look how good

30-year-old German Felix Kleiser was born without arms, but his disability didn’t stop him from pursuing a career as a professional musician.

He uses his left foot to play the French horn and is now a member of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, one of the most prestigious in the UK.

“People ask me, ‘Is it hard to blow the horn with my feet?’ And I always say, ‘I don’t know, I’ve never played with my hands.’ That’s why I can’t compare! Maybe?” Closer jokes.

“Everyone thinks it must be really hard to play with your feet. The funny thing is, I think the same way about you. I really don’t understand how you can hold a pencil with those long fingers.” can catch on because coordination is so hard,” he adds..

Cleese started playing at the age of just three.

“I remember playing the exact same instrument and nothing else. Where I saw it and how I first came into contact with this instrument, I can’t remember.”

Cleese says he has heard many times that he will never become a professional musician.

But it made him practice more – even when those around him said his aspiration was “impossible.”

“It’s hard, but sometimes it can be a wonderful result to go your own way and live your dreams and do what you think makes you happy.”

Cleese would tour with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra for the next two years.

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