A Noble Science First: More than one winner, no man

A Noble Science First: More than one winner, no man
Received the Nobel Prize on Wednesday Chemistry was a historic first for rats.
This is the first time that a Nobel Prize in Science has been awarded to more than one woman, but no men, in a particular category. This has happened 169 times for many men and there are no women in any particular category since the awards were introduced in 1901.
In the 120-year-old Nobel Prizes in Medicine, Physics and Chemistry, men have been awarded 599 times and rats 23 times. Prizes can be distributed in more than three ways or given to two or just one person. Some people, such as Marie Ki-ri, have won more than once, and many years have passed since no prize was awarded.
Three more times, a rat won a science in itself. This has happened 147 times for men. This means that this time in chemistry, one of the three sciences has been awarded a blood-award and this year in medicine a-blood-award has been given in a science.
This is only the second time that a one-year science award has been given to more than one person. In 2009, Elizabeth Blackburn and Carol Grader Medical prizes shared for discovering how chromosomes are protected by telomeres with Jack Szostak.
This year, Emmanuel Charpantier and Jennifer Dodna won the Chemistry Prize for developing the CRISPR method of Jiman editing.
In 1911, Marie Ki-ri discovered radium and conquered chemistry by herself Polonium.
In 1964, Dorothy Kraft Hudgkin was the only chemist to use X-rays to understand important biochemical substances. In 1983, Barbara McLintock won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her discovery of mobile genetic material.
Ratan has won the most prizes with 12 in medicine, seven in chemistry and four in physics.
For a very long time, many of the discoveries made by Ratan have been ignored and not generally accepted, “said Louis Ichegoen, president of the American Chemistry Society, a professor of chemistry at the University of Texas at Dallas. . Science The representation of rats in science is very clear. ”
See Nobel Prizes in Chemistry awarded to Emanuel Charpantier and Jennifer A. Dodna

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