A rare blue moon will light up the sky on Halloween

A rare blue moon will light up the sky on Halloween
The night sky on Halloween will be illuminated by the blue moon, the second full moon in a month. A relatively rare occurrence is on average breasts once every two years NASA’s National Space Science Data Center.

Each month has a full moon, but because lunar cycles and calendar years are not completely synchronous, almost every three years we end up with two in the same calendar month.

The first full moon of October, also called the harvest moon, will appear on the first day of the month. The second full moon, or blue moon, will appear on October 31. This is the first instance of a blue moon in the United States since March. 2018.
This is the first Halloween full moon since 1944 The farmer’s almanac. The last Halloween full moon was published in 2001 for the Central and Pacific time zones.

The “once in a blue moon” phenomenon does not necessarily mean that the moon will appear blue on Halloween. Although the dark blue color of an evening sky may affect the color of our vision, the Earth’s satellite may not appear blue.

Typically, when a moon turns blue, it is caused by smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere, such as during a large volcanic eruption.

When the word “once in a blue moon” was coined, it meant that you would be very lucky (or unlucky) to see it in your lifetime. NASA.

So if something weird happens to you on Halloween, there’s a good reason for it.

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