This plugin shows how 4 companies make it on the internet without you – 3/15/2021

This plugin shows how 4 companies make it on the internet without you – 3/15/2021

A new extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox promises to show how technology giants dominate the Internet and are connected to all the sites and services we access online. Call of Big Tech Detective, Shows how Google, Amazon, Microsoft E Facebook The most diverse services exist which we access online.

Made by american organization Economic security projectThe expansion is part of a project that aims to show the power of technology companies represented by major brands in Silicon Valley. “Big Tech Detective is a browser extension that helps you track and avoid tech giants while surfing the web,” says the project’s website.

For example, if the page you are visiting is an advertisement linked to the service, AdSense, Google’s advertising service. According to its creators, it also detects whether these companies are collecting data from their navigation or if the site is hosted on servers connected to “big tech”.

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In test we did Nata Using the extension for an hour, browsing various sites and platforms, at least seven addresses, according to the plugin, had few connections to Google – 64% of the 11 sites visited. Facebook and Amazon followed, with 45% of addresses appearing.

Report on the use of Big Tech Detective Extension showing the dominance of Google and Facebook in navigation

Image: Reproduction

During the use of this monitoring, including some Google and Facebook services such as Gmail and WhatsApp, We do not visit any Amazon services, such as your shopping site or Streaming Prime video

Nevertheless, Jeff Bezos’ company was present in about half of the links we clicked. This has to do with AWS (Amazon Web Services), a group company that provides hosting services and data storage in the cloud for multiple sites. Microsoft provides similar services, but did not appear during our use.

In testing, the presence of the big tech was evident at practically all the addresses we tried to access. By using the blocking option, at least 80% of the websites we try to access have been blocked by the device. This includes news sites, streaming services, blogs, and more.

Large technologies also appear on public agencies and federal government websites, such as gov.brOn the homepage of the Central Bank and, among others, on the website of the Ministry of Economy.

The creators of the extension warn that intent is more instructive than accusatory. The official page extension states that the tool educates users about how data travels between the largest technology companies, indicating that these companies are an integral part of the daily Internet experience, creating an entire digital life. In highlighting the subtlety and reach of companies.

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