A revolution for windows 10

A revolution for windows 10

A job posting posted in the last few weeks Microsoft (Link at the end of the article), to the Program Manager’s quest to integrate into the Interactive Experience Platform team, includes a direct reference to the next development of the operating system. The windows. The Redmond group anticipates the arrival of a “revolution”, without too many words.

Sun Valley? just the beginning. A revolution for windows 10

The software house is looking for someone who can help define, design, plan and implement Significant improvements in user experience Of Windows 10, Working on interfaces and applications first Party Also at the third party opening. We report a citation in translated form.

We are embarking on a multi-year journey to revolutionize the user experience of the Windows platform by leveraging innovative hardware to provide the best interactivity.

Reference to time shows that Interface wrestling Dealt with Sun valley Inside end of the year This will be just the beginning, the first step on a long path. More information about this can come early this week, on the occasion of the Build 2021 event to be held from tomorrow (25 May) to Thursday.

We know microsoft has Postponed further beginning of 10X version Operating System: Definitely we will not see it till 2021. In this way, his team will be able to focus on other priorities, interfering with improvements and tweaks targeted at the core version of the platform. We are well aware that not only the UI needs attention, but also the management of updates, which have proved problematic on several occasions in the past period, sometimes causing many headaches after its appearance. The bug And discrepancies.

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