Abandoned dogs undergo change and acquire new homes

Abandoned dogs undergo change and acquire new homes

A dog had a rough time on the streets of Thailand after being abandoned by the owners. However, a volunteer who travels the country to help animals in crisis saved the course of its history and subjected it to a major transformation process.

Animal keeper Kringkrai Thatakor found her with a dirty and unsightly coat that obstructed her vision and made it difficult to search for food scraps in the trash. After unloading her on the streets, she bathes him, beats his fur and “discovers” an attractive and humble puppy under the neglect of him.

It is not known how long the animal had to endure a lonely life.

The Kriangkrai Metro newspaper said, “This mongrel is old. It has been abandoned by its previous owners because of its age.” “I found her rummaging through a pile of garbage and I felt sorry for her. Her eyes were blinded by her dirty hair. She had been neglected for a long time,” he said.

The caregiver reported that the dogs were found to be in the age and condition in which they required a lot of work and, therefore, are ignored by local shelters. It was for this reason that he decided to run the country as a volunteer.

In addition to the look, Kringkrai also changed the life of the animal and found a new permanent home for her. “My friend, who also takes care of pets, decided to adopt her,” he revealed.

Proud of the work they do, Kringkrai guarantees that the dog now has “a new life” and is “very happy, healthy and full of love”.

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