About 50 million crabs go to sea to mate

About 50 million crabs go to sea to mate

Images refer to several a “Bible Plague”, but it’s really about Sea migration of about 50 million crabs for mating period, A “swarm” of scarlet creatures blocked roads from the woods to the coast of Christmas Island, near Western Australia.

Incredible images show organisms descending in large groups that are believed to be One of the largest animal migrations on the planet, Every year, about 50 million crabs leave the forest after the October or November rains and go to sea to mate.

Crabs usually eat leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds, but they have a “dark” side that prompts them to eat the puppies, The cannibalistic side of crabs appears when the young are used by adults as part of their diet, returning from their first migration at sea.

Photos and videos shared by Parks Australia show thousands and thousands of crabs crossing specially constructed roads and bridges. taken by tourist destinations “Red tide”,

Thousands of crabs go to sea in Australia Photo: Disclosure/Parks Australia

Crabs cross road on migration to sea in Australia
Crabs cross road as they migrate to sea in Australia Photo: Press release/Parks Australia

Crabs crossing the road through a special bridge for animals
Crabs cross the road through a special bridge for the animals Photo: Publicity/Parks Australia

The inhabitants of the Drumsite settlement in the north-east of the country were imprisoned in their homes Because of the large number of crabs on the roads on Sunday (11/14).

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