About 50 opponents have been arrested in Hong Kong under the National Security Act.

About 50 opponents have been arrested in Hong Kong under the National Security Act.

About 50 opposition members were arrested on Wednesday (6). Hogcog, Under the National Security Act. It was the largest ever operation against critics China.

The campaign targeted former pro-democracy MPs To james, Andrew Vann I Lum Chuk Ting, In addition to youth activists. Two of them confirmed the arrests on Facebook: former journalist Gwyneth Ho, 30, and council members Tiffany YuenIn 27.

People close to Joshua Wong – one of the most well-known figures in the pro-democracy movement and who is currently in jail – reported on his Facebook account that his house was searched during the operation.

Hong Kong police did not answer questions about the operation, the number of people arrested or the reasons for the arrest.

Activist Lester Shum is taken by police in Hong Kong on January 6, 2020 – Photo: Tyrone Siu / Reuters

The opposition said the arrests relate to priorities held last year by pro-democracy parties.

More than 600,000 Hong Kong citizens voted for these informal primaries aimed at selecting candidates for the region’s legislative elections, in an assembly in which only half of the 70 seats are elected by the people.

The campaign tried to win all 35 seats selected by popular vote and get a majority in the legislature for the first time.

The European Union on Wednesday called for the “immediate release” of about 50 detained detained in Hong Kong, and said it is considering possible sanctions against China due to its interference in this semi-autonomous region.

Block diplomatic spokesman Peter Steno said, “We call for the immediate release of prisoners. We will react to the application of the Security Law to eliminate the opposition’s sanctions if accepted by EU member states.”

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