Accenture buys an Argentine startup and is investing $ 3,000M, which sets it apart

Accenture buys an Argentine startup and is investing $ 3,000M, which sets it apart

The entrepreneurial technology ecosystem is in constant motion. Despite the epidemic, Large companies continue to invest to accelerate technology transformation Of startups. According to a report by ARCAP Consultancy, The total amount of transactions exceeded US $ 40,000 in just one semester of 2020.

A good example of this dynamic was unveiled this week, when Vishal Accenture, Multinational outsourcing and technology services company, Announced the acquisition of Wolox, A software factory established by Seven Argentina in 2012.

In total, Accenture will allocate US $ 3 billion over the next three years and 70,000 people will work in the integration of the two companies. According to multinationals, the acquisition will allow 360 changes to the services they provide to their customers, shareholders and partners.

The acquisition of Volox brings specific skills to Accenture as the team uniquely combines cloud-native development with state-of-the-art design and technologies to achieve business transformation. “Accenture Cloud First Global Leader, says Karthik Narayan. According to the Kantar data company, Accenture is the ninth most valuable technology brand. In 2020, the company It was replaced by 6% And its brand value is US $ 41.4 million according to the report.

What is Volox and how it started

The company was founded by seven people: Matus Williams, Nicolas Maggi, Pablo Giorgi, Luciano Zamin, Santiago Samara and Guido Marutis Blas. His initial investment was 0 pesos. “We knew each other because we studied together or because each other of us had JTP. We all studied computer engineering at ITBA and we come from the entrepreneurial world,” said the company’s birth. I say Bermez.

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The business model is based on providing agile and cloud solutions to customers. It works as a company builder and as a development team for startups that do not have an in-house CTO.

Currently, the brain behind Wolox is Augustina Finishers, The company’s current CEO She is not the first female leader of the company: In 2017, Luciana Resnik, a computer engineer graduated from Buenos Aires Technological Institute (ITBA), took over as CEO. In the same year, Wollox began the process of international expansion: he opened offices in the United States and the region. Today, more than 280 people work in the company.

From left to right: Vulox founder and CEO Agustina Finishers and Accureure Argentina president Sergio Kaufmann.

On the Accenture acquisition, Fingersch assured that “since 2012, Wolox’s focus has been changing industries through technology. By joining Accenture, we will continue to do so, increasing our reach and influence even more. ”

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