According to a report, a return to 4K, 60 fps and active ray tracing on the PS4 –

According to a report, a return to 4K, 60 fps and active ray tracing on the PS4 -

The returnNew game for PS5 Coming later this month, it may go for the Sony console 4K, 60 frames per second and beam tracing Activated according to a report, taken by IGN, but not as official information.

The rumor comes from Twitter user Heisenborn, who limited himself to taking screenshots during the official PlayStation MODO presentation PS Portugal, With subtitles showing the features in question. During the presentation, it was reported that the game runs at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second in addition to active ray tracing.

These would also be notable technical features for a game that is not overly complicated in any case. The graphics, But the retail has many on-screen elements and stages of special activity and mobility, so it would be impressive to use all the features simultaneously.

Explanations are likely, such as understanding if 4K is considered Native or with shakerboarding technology Active, which is quite probable given that now this difference is rarely known by the promotional material of the next gen game, as well as evaluating the extent of ray tracing.

In any case, the retail is still a very good sight and we are awaiting the release set for it 30 April, 2021 So that it can be better analyzed. The game is a third-person shooter with roguillike elements and more reflective stages that alternate with full action situations. We recently watched a video with 11 things and a video diary from Housemark about the loss of the landscape.

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