According to Forbes, Ida is one of Beatriz Agro’s 100 Powerful Women. Caesares News

According to Forbes, Ida is one of Beatriz Agro's 100 Powerful Women.  Caesares News

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Ida Beatriz Miranda Sa, president of the Rural Union of Cáceres (MT), says there is a female universe around her

Casares is now highlighted around the world with the name of a woman in the famous Forbes list. The list was released on this Friday (10/15) and According to the publication, 100 Women Bring Agro’s Powerful Women.
As found by the site Dominant women are everywhere. Increasingly, they have occupied important places in society. And in agribusiness it is no different, yesterday (15) was International Rural Women’s Day, celebrated in 1995 by the United Nations (UN) with the aim of raising global awareness of the importance of this female figure as a hero in economic transformation. was established from social, environmental and political. Forbes Brasil has taken advantage of the launch date to launch its first “100 Powerful Women of Agro” list, with names that are transforming different sectors of the region.
Among them is Ida Beatriz who is a pastoralist in Mato Grosso and was elected president of Ceres (MT) of the rural union in the center of the Pantanal. She is the first woman to occupy the chair, an exception in a world led by men.
According to a survey conducted in 2020 by DBO, a forum specialized in animal husbandry, just over 100 women lead rural unions in the country.
Ida took over in May last year, amid the biggest drought and fire in the biome. It is no coincidence that a focus of his work is to diversify the economic matrix of the Pantanal and strengthen the fire brigade.


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