According to WHO, the scenario in Chile shows that vaccination does not replace prevention

According to WHO, the scenario in Chile shows that vaccination does not replace prevention

Geneva, 26 March (EFE). – The current situation in Chile, where cases of Kovid-19 increase and put their health system on the verge of collapse despite a successful vaccination program, shows that previous preventive measures should not be left to the experts. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned today.

“After delivery of vaccines, those are those who fail to follow measures such as physical distance, hand hygiene, ventilation or avoid crowded places, and all this has to continue with vaccination,” said WHO’s technical unit Kovid against the chief. -19, Maria Van Kerkhov.

“It was to be expected that, with vaccines, cases would decrease, but they are only a tool to prevent infection and we cannot just rely on them, so continue to take other measures”, said the American expert Insisted.

WHO’s advisor for Kovid-19, Bruce Aylward, said that “vaccines are working very well, but we still don’t have enough to change the course of the epidemic”, so for now, “we need to Have to use. Intelligent “. Targeting groups such as health professionals and the elderly.

WHO’s Health Emergency Director, Mike Ryan, warned that other countries could have the same situation as Chile until the entire most vulnerable population is vaccinated.

He said Chilean health officials are “taking appropriate measures” to deal with the emergence of cases.

Chile registers new cases daily and intensive care units occupy 95% of the beds, leading to the announcement of total imprisonment in the capital Santiago and other areas of the country.

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The worsening of this second wave occurs at the same time that Chile is one of the countries that are vaccinating the most of its population: it has already given at least one dose to about 40% of Chile, which is the only in the world Israel and the United Arab Emirates have more than one percent.

It is also the country that vaccinates fastest on the planet, with a 1.4 daily dose per 100 inhabitants, a number that, according to observers in the country, can instill extreme trust among citizens.

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