Adobe will introduce flash content technology on Tuesday

Adobe will introduce flash content technology on Tuesday

a Adobe From this Tuesday (12th), content on the web will be blocked via Flash Player, a plugin used to browse videos and play games in an Internet browser.

The animations will be replaced by a graphic that can be clicked to access a page on the official website informing them about the useful life of the product.

The decision is part of a Extension closure schedule Announced in 2017 by Adobe, which owns the technology.

The Flash verification page no longer displays the correct animation, even if the plug-in is activated in Internet Explorer – Photo: Playback

In addition to becoming a platform for games, Flash was widely used by sites such as YouTube and Facebook to stream video content.

Although, technology has adapted in recent years, Replaced with lighter and safer alternatives like HTML 5. The web browser itself included features that were part of Flash.

Decay began with the launch of the iPhone, when launched Apple Adopted a stand not to include Flash on his phone.

Steve Jobs, Then Apple’s CEO, criticized Flash for being a closed technology, incompatible with the touch screen and harmful to the battery life of the smartphone. He published a paper in April 2010 with “Reflections on Flash”.

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