Ads reach Telegram: it will look and work like this

Ads reach Telegram: it will look and work like this

Almost a year after its founder announced, the instant messaging app adds the option to advertise on channels for a fee. But these are not the ads you use from Facebook or Google

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In December last year, Telegram founder Pavel Dorov announced that in order to survive financially, Its platform will add premium features like ads And paid sticker packs – and now it’s happening. Telegram is opening its advertising platform to individuals and organizations, and that’s how it will work.

Not ads you know from other places

Telegram’s new advertising platform (Telegram advertising platform) is now available to anyone who wants to get started and reach a new audience through the instant messaging app – which has 500 million active users on a monthly basis and its users produce nearly half a trillion content every month. Huh. those channels.

The new platform will allow people who wish to advertise on Telegram to reach as many Telegram users as they can on public channels with more than 1,000 users, and will not run in public or private groups. Telegram’s system will give advertisers the ability to determine the types of channels they want to target and the languages ​​of the channels they are interested in. In addition, advertisers can choose certain channels to target, and which channels or topics they do not want their ads to run on.

This is how you will create ads in Telegram Screenshot

Telegram reiterates what Dorov said with the announcement of adding ads to the platform: The company only allows advertising based on channel types and languages ​​and does not allow direct targeting of users, as it collects user information. does not plan to. The ad says “users’ information is not collected or analyzed for advertising, and every user on a particular Telegram channel sees the same sponsored message,” reads the page showing Telegram’s advertising platform, which called the ads “sponsored messages”. chose to name.

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This is what a “sponsored post” (AKA ad) will look like. Source: Telegram

Telegram also clarifies that in addition to not allowing direct targeting, since it does not collect any information about the user or analyze his actions after clicking on it, it does not allow advertisements to be sent to external links. will not allow either. According to Telegram, the reason for this is to ensure that third-party entities cannot track users of the platform: “Anon believes that everyone has a right to privacy, and technology platforms should respect this. “

Because the platform is still in its infancy, what Telegram calls “test mode” is only once it’s fully activated – Telegram will begin sharing revenue from these ads with the owners of channels that own the channels. Ads will be allowed. The fine print is that this split will happen “only after Telegram has covered its basic expenses”.

Telegram also aired a complete guide for advertisers starting with a platform where it details how to create an ad from scratch, the topic of ad budget and how advertisers knew their ad was on air, Checked out by Telegram employees or was lacking the budget to continue advertising. got guide Here.

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