After a year without the championship, the skateboarders celebrate their comeback: “It’s a great excitement”. Great summer

After a year without the championship, the skateboarders celebrate their comeback: "It's a great excitement".  Great summer

The hope of competing again among skaters is unanimous. Practically after a year without a championship in Brazil, since the STU stage held in February last year, the main athletes from Parks and Street Modality gather this weekend in Criciama, Santa Cruzana, in search of points for the Olympics. Huh. The event is part of the illustrious summer calendar and the final of Mens Park will be broadcast this Sunday within the Fantastic Sports.

The best skaters in Brazil compete in the Crickelwood stage of the Brazilian skate park circuit

The Kovid-19 epidemic paralyzed the sporting world in 2020 and forced athletes to reinvigorate themselves. For some, free time allows more time with the family, while for others it was an opportunity to complete projects that could not progress due to lack of time on the agenda.

– I lived in America for half a year, so I skated a lot, filmed a lot. I had some internal trips to the United States by van for the film which was very quiet. I went to places I don’t usually go to because they are not part of the circuit. I was able to be with my family, with my friends, a lot of things that I do from day to day that I left behind with a commitment to work – said Pedro Barros, World Park Champion in 2018 and hoping for a Tokyo Medal for Brazil in.

– Being able to be here, after 1 year without competitions, reunites with friends and regaining the spirit of the competition, becomes a great excitement – said the 25-year-old from Santa Catarina. To prevent the transmission of the virus, the incident will occur without the presence of the public due to security reasons.

Daddy dytalo Penarrubia stayed away from the championship due to an injury and was aiming to compete in the Olympic race in 2020, but adopted a new routine to be more present with his children.

– I think it was about living the present more. We were able to pay more attention to the family, to pay more attention to the moment we are living, I am trying to do more work in my day which I would have left for another time, So I am paying my most attention time, my family, trying to dedicate themselves more to their training – one of the representatives of Park Moditi spoke on the phone.

Thetalo Penarrubia with their children during the epidemic – Photo: personal collection

To continue training, Recesa Leal, street angel, won a skateboard from her parents in her backyard, Imnatries, Maranhoe, where she lives. The 13-year-old combined the school’s online classes with training.

– Actually, this or not, last year was very difficult for all of us. It was an epidemic year, and we don’t have to lose focus, so had to stay in quarantine at home. I asked my father for a track, he built it and I was able to train there and learn many new tricks. I took the opportunity to spend more and more time with my brothers, playing with them, watching movies, doing the Marathon Harry Potter… so I was able to enjoy my family to the fullest, because in 2019 I hardly stay at home, I traveled to the championship to speak directly to the talented skater who promises to enjoy the event this weekend.

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Murillo Perez, of São Paulo, dreams of representing the country at the Olympic Games, six months from now, when the opening ceremony will take place on 23 July. The epidemic’s extra time turned out to be beneficial for the skater, who ranks fourth in the world rankings among Brazilians. Only three Brazilians will visit Tokyo.

– My goal has not changed, I want classification and I wanted to save this time to really know if I want that in my life, so I will focus, I will do what is possible and what I I am doing And that downtime, in my qualification case, was an advantage. I think everyone is thirsty to achieve something. I think all this time of the epidemic is making people to feed on it, this desire to live, things to do, sports, work, friendship, everything – Murillo concludes.

Murillo Perce in a skate session during the pandemic – Photo: Alexandre Fernandes

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