After all, what does the British royal family really think about the series?

The Crown: afinal, o que a família real britânica realmente acha da série?

Crown, one of the biggest productions of Netflix, was one of the highlights of Emmy 2021MILF in your plot about british royal family. What will happen real life characters What do you think about the series?

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Obviously, the royalty United Kingdom With relation to love and hate with series. According to reports, the queen Elizabeth II the one who likes production And saw it too.

main difference of or Crown is that most of the people portrayed in the series is still alive and the events shown are Relatively new.

In addition, it is not uncommon that royal family members The series may be asked about. it is a matter Prince Harry, which has a complex relationship with the more conservative wing of royalty And neither likes nor dislikes the plot.

“The series does not try to be one” document, it’s fantasy lightly grounded In fact. it gives you a basic idea of Our lifestyle, pressure to put Duty and service above family And everything else and what can come out of it”, He said.

As far as the head of the family is concerned, Queen Elizabeth II, there are reports of Princess Eugenie That his grandmother must have seen the series and enjoyed it immensely.

Atrez Claire Fox, who played the role of Rani in the younger version, has already said to die of shame He King Look, but it seems it’s too late.

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a most royalties is just I’m afraid people take the series lightly. the government of United Kingdom came to ask Netflix Keep A warning saying that The Crown is a fictional series, Who not answered.

However, the series has been very successful.

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about the crown

Crown is a series produced by Netflix which revolves around the reign of the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, current sovereign of the country.

story, written by Peter Morgan, Its based on real events And it begins with the puberty of the queen, which has been going on for decades.

series is 6 seasons plannedeach cover an exact period of the emperor’s rule, bringing something most important character of recent history Great Britain, What Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Diana Spencer And many more.

Besides all this, of course, for the members of real family. One attraction worth mentioning is people’s darling, to Princess Diana.

As time goes by, many actors play the same character. queen’s case Elizabeth II, used to live Claire Fox and Olivia Colman (I Imelda Staunton Mantle assumes over the past two years). Your husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was explained by Matt Smith and Tobias Menzies.

till now, Crown Already released 4 seasons, all available Netflix.

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