After being chained for 123 days, the couple broke free from their relationship – News

Corrente foi cortada por tesoura industrial, durante uma cerimônia em Kiev

A Ukrainian pair of lovers who stayed Famous for tying himself in chains, ended the relationship Only after ending the strange experiment. As soon as they cut the chain, at a ceremony in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, the two ended their relationship saying they were “finally free”.

Victoria ‘Vika’ Pustovitova, 29, and Alexander ‘Sasha’ Kudley, 33, were imprisoned for a total of 123 days, and said they were living like “Siamese twins”. The industrial shears that cut the chain holding them together also marked the end of the novel.

“I want to live my independent life and grow as an independent person,” said Vika.

Once the joy of separation had passed, they began to explain how the love ended—and from the answers, it seemed like clinging to themselves was just a silly media experience.

“Look, we are far away now. We were happy and now we are happy to have this experience in our lives,” Sasha told a group of reporters. .

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When asked the reason for the dismissal, the answers were clear. They wanted some privacy and space, and could no longer stand each other’s presence.

But he still said he was “proud” to break a record in Ukraine.

After the experiment is over, both will be completely separate in different areas of the country.

The two initially said they expected to make some money from the feat, but released no financial information – which is usually a clear sign that the plans don’t work out.

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During this period, the two supported themselves by hiring Alexander, who had an online job selling used cars and parts.

Victoria, on the other hand, was fired from a service specializing in eyelashes, because the clients did not like the presence of her boyfriend with her at all.

wrong idea

At the start of the experiment, things went wrong and both were hospitalized. Chains hurt Victoria’s wrists.

In fact, the story of how they decided to come together in such a way already suggests that the experience was not a good one.

It all started when 33-year-old Alexander Kudle jokingly said that he would “tie” 28-year-old Victoria Pustovitova, because the girl had a habit of leaving the house after the slightest fight: “She did not agree at first, but I reassured him, ”Alexander explained without disclosing details.

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From the photos Victoria looked like Alexander’s hostage, always sad. On Instagram, she wrote messages about how she wanted to live her life, but was tied to her boyfriend.

At least nothing serious happened during the strange story.

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