After the engine exploded in flight, Boeing recommended the suspension of some 777 aircraft; US agency investigates

After the engine exploded in flight, Boeing recommended the suspension of some 777 aircraft;  US agency investigates

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Sao Paulo – Last Saturday (20), a flight from United Moving from Denver (Colorado, United States) to Honolulu (Hawaii, USA) was a hasty stop. One of the aircraft’s turbines, the Boeing 777 model, failed during the flight, caught fire and exploded.

Following the incident, Boeing recommended that 777 model access is suspended worldwide. During the combined flight, the engine that exploded was the Pratt & Whitney PW4000 model.

As the US media learned over the weekend, this type of turbine only exists in the fleet in the USA, Japan and Canada. United is the only US airline to have aircraft with Pratt & Whitney PW4000.

There is still no conclusion about what may have caused the engine crash. Aviation safety experts interviewed by news agency associated Press He said the aircraft suffers from “uncontrolled and catastrophic” engine failure, without determining its cause.

Federal Aviation Administration Requires Additional Inspection

The next day after the crash, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the federal agency responsible for regulating civil aviation in the country, ordered a series of additional inspections on some of the 777 aircraft.

Even before the suspension of flights of these models by Boeing, the FAA had already stated that such inspection orders would mean a possible return of the model from circulation. According to an agency director, the inspection would only be performed on aircraft that used the same engine as the crash – Pratt & Whitney PW4000.

“After consulting with my team of aviation safety experts about yesterday’s engine failure on a Boeing 777 aircraft in Denver, I instructed them to issue an emergency conduct instruction, which included some Boeing 777s equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines Requires immediate or thorough oversight, ”FAA Director Steve Dixon said on Sunday (21) via his official Twitter profile.

Speaking about a possible technical failure due to the crash, Dixon said that a preliminary review of safety data indicated the need for additional investigation on the jet engine’s fan propeller.

According to the news agency AFPThe director also said that FAA officials met with representatives of Pratt & Whitney and Boeing on Sunday night.

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