After the publication of the photo by the international press, Manicure says it recognizes the deceased client in Buka, Ukraine. Ukraine and Russia

After the publication of the photo by the international press, Manicure says it recognizes the deceased client in Buka, Ukraine.  Ukraine and Russia

A manicurist said he recognized one of his clients killed in the massacre in the city of Bucha UkraineAfter publishing a photo that showed only one hand of hers by the international press.

The image above, of a woman’s hand in the midst of destruction, was taken by Reuters photographer Zohra Bensamara after the city was liberated by Russian forces.

Dozens of bodies were found in the city, which is in the Kyiv region, so volunteers and journalists were able to access the site.

Manicurist Anastasia shared a very emotional message on a social network that depicts Irina doing makeup details of the same heart on the nails,

Irina applying makeup with heart details on her nails in a photo released by The Manicurist and Beautician – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram / @sabcheva_mua

The manicurist wrote, “I immediately realized that this picture hurt me, and I didn’t understand why.” “The woman in this picture is my client, Irina.”

Anastasia reported that Irina attended “makeup classes” at the salon where she worked, and that she last met him the day before the Russian invasion began.

The photo shows Irina getting her nails done – Photo: Reproduction / Telegram

Irina, a resident of Buka city, had been missing since March 5, when a Facebook post sought information about her whereabouts.

According to a message shared by residents of the city invaded by Russian troops, she may have disappeared after an attack between the cities of Irpin and Buka.

A poster released on March 30 says that Irina has been missing since the March 5 bombing – Photo: Reproduction / Facebook / Kostya Hershenko

Irina’s daughter Olga wrote on a social network this Tuesday (5) that she had not heard from her mother for at least a month. He also recognized Irina by the picture of her hand.

“All I can do is cry, and sometimes that doesn’t even work,” her daughter wrote.

She also said that her mother’s hand – shown in a Reuters photo – would become a “hand of hope” for her. Ukraine,

Post from Irina’s daughter – Photo: reproduction / Instagram

Ukraine Accused the Russian army of perpetrating the massacre in the city of Buka, 60 kilometers from Kyiv.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has even called Russian actions in the area a genocide. Watch the video below.

Volodymyr Zelensky visits Buka after the massacre and accuses Russia of genocide.

The international community has increased pressure against them Russia Images of dead civilians were released in the Ukrainian capital region.

Russia Denied being civilian targets and said the pictures were “ordered by the United States,

A report in the newspaper “The New York Times” Shown based on satellite imagesEven before the withdrawal of Russian troops, bodies were scattered on the streets of Buka.

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