Aircraft between two islands of Indonesia may crash with 62 people in the world – latest world news

Aircraft between two islands of Indonesia may crash with 62 people in the world - latest world news

In his last record on the satellite network, Srivijaya Air Plane was traveling the sea in Indonesia (Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / FlightRadar24)

The plane went missing on Saturday 9 January in Indonesia. Officials believe it may fall between two tourist islands of the country. The cause of the fall has not been identified yet. There were 62 people on board.

According to Suryo Aji, head of the National Search and Rescue Agency, Rescuers and ships were sent to the area suspected of falling. The crew consisted of 50 adults, seven children and three children in addition to six employees.

The country’s Transport Minister Adita Iravati said, “We are currently investigating and coordinating the situation with Basnaras and KNKT (Transport Safety Body).”

The Boeing 737-500, belonging to the airline Srivijay Air, lost contact with the control tower soon after takeoff from the capital Jakarta. The website FlightRadar 24, which makes it possible to see the aircraft in real time, found that the flight “SJ182” had dropped to an altitude of three kilometers in a few minutes before the signal was cut.

Indonesian authorities lost contact with 'SJY 182' flight in the morning on Saturday, 9, Brasilia
Indonesian authorities lost contact with flight ‘SJY 182’ during the time of Brasilia on Saturday morning (Photo: Breeding / FlightRadar 24)

The portal also indicates that the aircraft was being registered in its system by 4:40 pm, Brasilia time. After that he disappeared.

Srivijay Air has commented on its social network to confirm the situation. “We will continue to coordinate with the authorities and provide all necessary assistance,” he says.

“SJ182” is a domestic flight from Jakarta Soekarno-Hata International Airport to Pontianak. The duration is 90 minutes on average. The “Boeing 737-500” brand is considered a “classic”, which has been discontinued since 1994.

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