Alan Musk Reconnaissance SpaceX could land on Mars by 2024

Alan Musk Reconnaissance SpaceX could land on Mars by 2024

According to founder and CEO Alan Musk, SpaceX’s mission to Mars could take less than four years.

“I think we have a fight to build that second Mars transfer window.” The founder of the Mars Society, Dr. Robert told Zuberin In a recent zoom call .. ‘Transfer window’ indicates the head is a window of opportunity to go to Mars in 2024.

Launched windows for missions to Mars are determined in bit rabbits by the Earth’s bit rabbit position as it relates to Mars, opening around the window every 8080 days. The next launch window, which SpaceX plans to recall, will take effect in 2022.

The launch will use SpaceX’s existing SpaceX Starship vehicle under development at its South Texas facility. It is designed as a rocket-and-space spacecraft combo for launching cargo and humans.

But while SpaceX is enthusiastic, Starship is not ready yet. Mask hinted that SpaceX would “probably lose some spacecraft” before evolution in the starship was tough enough to take humans to Mars.

The vehicle is currently in the very prototype testing phase, with initial models planning to roll it out in 2021 if all goes according to plan.

Musk’s vision for the SpaceX Mars voyage is clear, but the date is likely to change, while Musk hints that the 2024 date is just a guess. With Starship still developing so fast, it’s possible that this time could be pushed out of the next Mars launch window or even further.

As it stands, the 2024 Mars mission is not designed to establish a Mars colony Hardness is often talked aboutBut this Will Focus on simple tasks such as picking up goods and transporting humans to the Red Planet.

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“SpaceX is facing the single biggest challenge, which is the transportation system. There are a lot of other systems that are going to be needed, ”Zubrin told Musk. The initial voyage will be the first step in a theoretical leap to stay on Mars, starship abilities will be built for a long time to come.

With 4G coming to the moon, could Mars be next? It’s just a matter of time (and space).

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