Rainbow Six Seas did not tweet so secretly for the Xbox game pass

Rainbow Six Seas did not tweet so secretly for the Xbox game pass

Sextuple rainbow all over the sky (Photo: Twitter)

Although not yet officially confirmed, the Rainbow Six Seizure appears to be coming. Xbox Game Pass.

The Xbox Game Pass is already very popular, but it’s hard to get a new big name for third-party games, but it looks like one of Ubisoft’s best is coming soon.

No official announcement has been made by Microsoft or Ubisoft yet but it is clear that the multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege will be added to the service soon – unless you think of another way to interpret the following tweet. Can.

Over the weekend, the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account published a picture that may seem random at first glance but which seems to be a clear indication of a new game being added upon further investigation.

As you can see, it has six rainbow flags flying across the sky, while a fort below is being attacked by an army of knights. Or else, it is under siege.

The comments show that many others jumped at the same conclusion and agreed to include more titles in the game pass.

Some believe that the figure may refer to Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, but, apart from the rainbow spots, it is clearly pointing to Rainbow Six Siege, Mount and Blade 2 being PC only and still early. Is accessible.

The upcoming Rainbow Six Season on Game Pass makes a lot of sense as it can add new players who can be encouraged to re-release the next gen.

The Rainbow Six Siege is available on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. It will be released later this year for the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5.

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