Alarm about Trump’s ‘coupe’ in slow motion

Alarm about Trump’s ‘coupe’ in slow motion
Washington: Republican MP from Michigan Called to the White House on Friday as the US president defeated Donald Trump Frequent attempts to change the outcome of the presidential election amid ongoing impediments to the transfer of power to the next president-elect Joe Biden.
State lawmakers are being asked to defy the famous order that Joey Biden-Kamala Harris’ ticket was won and Trump was honored for tainting Michigan’s 16 election votes, a dispute with Trump’s team court. Unable to prove in
Similar efforts are underway Pennsylvania And Wisconsin to steal the 20 + 10 electoral votes already won by Biden, depriving him of the presidency.

The presidential election was called for Biden by a margin of 306-232, and his refusal to cast 46 votes in a politically and legally flawed plane could have put Trump in the White House for a second time, even if he won by a landslide. With millions of votes) and the election college.
Many political analysts and commentators are sounding the alarm over what they see as a coup. “The legal challenges to the election are toast. Realizing that the courts are a lost cause, Trump is now trying to persuade elected officials to reverse the will of the electorate. This is a political coup that is defined as anti-democratic.” Daniel Goldman, a former congressional lawyer, warned.

Full letters are now appearing in American and international newspapers calling for a general coup. Some of Trump’s more pro-allies have urged his followers to “rebuild the country” – a term used to call on terrorist groups to take up arms.
While some Republicans are opposed to Trump’s attempt to tamper with the election results, the losing president has threatened to call him a “primrose” (then defeated in an in-party election), then known simply as RINOZ. C – Republican in name only.
“We have great support on the Election Hawks! … Romney has lost his mind since 2016 … the great ਮਹਾਨ Fox News Day rating crash will only get worse!” The US president, now considered by some to be a scapegoat, tweeted on Friday morning, even taking a hard look at conservative lawmakers and his former beloved cable news channel, saying he supported his claims and his moves. Casts doubt on
Senator Mitt Romney is one of the few GOP lawmakers who had the nerve to support Trump, who still seeks a majority among Republicans, many of whom agree with his dramatic approach to whitewashing. Seen as a thin cover.
“After failing to make a mandatory case of widespread fraud or conspiracy before a court of law, the president has now resorted to pressuring state and local authorities to break the will of the people and reverse the election,” Romney said Thursday. “Romney said on Thursday. .
Trump’s attorneys have now lost nearly 30 cases in court, although they continue to make illegal allegations, even though they either do not appear in court or withdraw before judges. In a 100-minute satirical press conference Thursday, broadcasting only conspiratorial right-wing media, Trump’s lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani claimed to be tied to Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez (who died in 2013). The comm was a group of communists. China to help Joe Biden run for office
While the Hogwarts were eating late at night at the Wild Conspiracy Conference on the ridiculous sight of Gialani’s sweaty hair, many commentators are concerned about the condemnation of the US election process and political system, and the credibility of the US. Reductions are being warned around the world. “If it had happened in another country” is now often avoided in the US media.
Trump’s strategy to reverse the election results flared up in Michigan. Is being played out in detail, where his lawyers are trying to disable the vote in Wayne County, which includes the black majority Detroit, and Biden had a more than 90 percent increase. After questioning the legitimacy of the vote, Trump is directly pressuring local Republican officials not to verify the results that show Biden as the winner, while urging state GOP lawmakers to cast all their ballots. Have been
On Thursday, Trump called two local Republican officials in Michigan who initially refused to verify the results, as a result of which two of his Democratic counterparts were ready to verify the results in favor of Biden, according to foreign sources.
Republicans reversed and agreed to verify the results after pressure from troubled voters who felt their votes were being justified, but then changed their minds after Trump’s call and blamed them. That they have put their lives in danger. Republicans, meanwhile, who are facing a losing president, are also reporting threats from pro-Trump extremists.

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