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In the fight against sticking, Goes acquires Botafogo for Brazil

SAO PAULO, SP (UOL / FOLHAPRESS) – Goes and Botafogo face off this Saturday (13th), on the 17th day, at Serina Stadium, in Goinia (GO), round 36, for the Brazilian Championship. Will be in a duel. Charge field. The collision emeralds mean a lot to the team, who still struggle to avoid clinging. Alvinegro, in turn, is already downgraded. In the current scenario, victory becomes extremely important for Goise, who is in 18th place, with 33 points, four points behind Bahia, the first team outside the charge zone. Botafogo is in the limelight with 24 points. Apart from Bahia, which occupies the 16th position, C. near Goiás. B. There are three more contestants in the challenge of running away from Vasco from the 17th position and opening the sticking zone, with 37 points similar to Bahia. Fortaleza and Sport are slightly higher, with 41. Goes is in a good recovery in this final stretch of Braslerio. Panna’s team has not lost in two rounds and come to a 3-3 draw with Bahia. Earlier, they had beaten Atletico-MG at home, 1 to 0. To face Botafogo, Goes would not have Douglas Baggio, who is recovering from a muscle injury in his calf. Defender David Durte is suspected to have caused a virus. On the other hand, Botafogo will not be able to rely on goalkeeper Cavalieri, who treats pain in his right ankle, and Gattito, who is recovering from bone swelling in his right knee. In addition, Davey is out, with bacterial pharyngitis, Romeo, who has a fracture in his left arm, Ze Wellison, in the treatment of sprains in his left ankle, and Rafael Foster, who is recovering from a sprain in his left ankle. Defenders Victor Luis and Guillerme Santos are in transition. GOI GOS Marcello Rangel; David Duterte, Fabio Sanche, Heron; Shailen, Henrik Lordello, Breno, Ondio, Jefferson; Vilnius, Fernando. T.: Augusto Cesare. BOTAFOGO Diego Loureiro; Kevin, Kanu, Susa, Hugo; Kayke, Cao Alexandre, Bruno Nazario (Luiz Ottavio); Matthias Nasimento, Sesingh, Rafael Navarro. T.: Lucio Flavio Stadium: Serinha, Goinia (Go) Time: 5 pm this Saturday Judge: Felipe Fernandes de Lima (MG)

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