Amazon confesses that Alexa is a spy in the house

Alexa amazon
Alexa is a spy, Amazon reveals – Photo: Reproduction

Last week, Alexa completed two years on the Brazilian field. Amazon’s virtual assistant, which was just shy of 2019, now totals more than two thousand, in addition to being compatible with about 650 electronics according to the company.

The main function of the virtual assistant is to interact with the user. In the past year alone, she has responded to “Alexa, good morning” 38 million times. On the software’s two-year anniversary in Brazil, Amazon revealed some requests that may have been placed, making it clear that the assistant is a spy at home.

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Alexa is the spy for Amazon

On Monday (08), Amazon shared a “reveal” of things to ask Brazilian Alexa.

Watch it below:

Alexa’s two years in Brazil and I can only think of things you say to her… And let’s uncover…

“Alexa, good morning” was said +38 million times; “Alexa, how are you?” +5.8 million times asked; “Alexa, good night” has been said +28 million times; Educated people this Brazilian, isn’t it?

“Alexa, tell me a joke” has been asked +20 million times; “Alexa, sing a song” was requested +6 million times; “Alexa, tell me a story” has been said +1 million times; It was very typical here, is everything okay?

“Alexa, fart” was prompted +1 million times; ok now i want to know who asked this here and why???

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