Galaxy M32: Intermediate cell phone even better than its predecessor? | analysis / review

Galaxy M32: Intermediate cell phone even better than its predecessor?  |  analysis / review

hey Galaxy M32 Here’s another addition to Samsung’s long list of new features from 2021. Does it make sense or is it just another tool that will be forgotten a few months from now? It cannot be denied that they have a lot in common with Galaxy A32, but it has a simple design.

It follows the style of recent M-line launches and has a basic look with a smooth plastic body and a cooktop camera. The mirror-painting with minimal chromatic effect makes it look like a more advanced cell phone.

The screen is big, has a Super AMOLED panel with vibrant colors and good brightness levels. There’s a 90 Hz refresh rate for smooth system animations, but don’t expect a lot of games to run at 90 fps. The sound part disappoints for being mono and distorting as much as possible.

The battery of the national model is “only” at 5,000 mAh, which is different from the Indian version which brings the same 6,000 mAh battery. Galaxy M31. The good news is that the autonomy lasts longer and the recharge time is reduced as the battery drains and maintains a 15W charger. You can speed up your recharge time even more by purchasing the 25W charger sold separately.

The M32 has a quadruple array of cameras. The Main captures good pictures in any conditions, while the Ultra-Wide One sends well in bright scenes. Macro is weak because it has a lower resolution and longer focal length than we expected. Lastly, there is the dedicated Blur Camera which creates the perfect effect without compromising on the colours. Records great selfies in the front; While the camcorder does not record in 4K.

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Arrived by Galaxy M32 R $ 2.399, but it is already visible in promotions around R$ 1,600, as you can see below. it is worth it? It’s so similar to the A32 that it pays to go with the cheaper one. For more details, check out the full review through the link below.

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