Amazon destroyed more than 2 million products

Amazon destroyed more than 2 million products

Adventuress Was published Brand Protection Report 2020 Which sheds light on some figures related to the fight Forgery. Seattle company has been seized and destroyed More than 2 million products Sellers had shipped to warehouses. Amazon also discovered a business Fake reviews That users will be misled.

Amazon blocked 10 billion lists

Amazon invested more than $ 700 million in 2020 and hired more than 10,000 people to protect its stores worldwide Fraud and abuse. Around 2 million small and medium-sized businesses use e-commerce platforms to sell products. Digital store use increased rapidly during the COVID-19 epidemic, leading to the closure of brick-and-mortar stores.

However, users / customers should ensure that they are purchasing the original product. For this reason, Amazon tries to stop the sale of counterfeit products. They were taken over in 2020 More than 6 million attempts Creating vendor accounts, thus preventing the opening of a digital shop for counterfeit products. Only 6% passed the verification process.

Amazon also has Over 10 billion listings removed Suspicious before publication, more than 2 million products shipped to warehouses were seized and destroyed. Products sold for less than 0.01% received complaints of forgery. Is tested through the technologies of machine learning In conjunction with those performed by human investigators. This is done continuously to prevent the publication of advertisements and the sale of products.

Fake crime unit Amazon reports law enforcement cases and participates in investigations with companies facing fraud.

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